by Contempt

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We are Contempt, where Barrie meets Ottawa


released May 1, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/Edited by Dylan Frankland
Bass preformed by Dylan Frankland
Guitar preformed by Craig Lemmon
Vocals Preformed by Lance Crowder
Drums Preformed by Joseph Howell



all rights reserved


Contempt Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa/Barrie locals Contempt.

Break Even Records 2K14

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Track Name: World in Ruins
A blackened abyss
Ruled with an iron fist
A flawed design
Sorting out reality from the lies
Lost without a view
The world
Is split
Trapped in a box
I could never fit
Track Name: Shackled
Stare in the mirror at a vacant face
An inner torment that i can't erase
It's clawing at the backs of my eyes
Trying to escape my mind

I'll break these shackles and I'll free my mind
I'll get myself back right
I've made mistakes but I did my time

I've paid my debt

Shackled and Chained,
Shackled and Chained.
Track Name: Fake Skin
I don't care how you live your life
Just stay the fuck out of mine
Over inflated ego, your vision blurred
That's where i draw the line
Severed heart-strings in a world so cold
Feeling nothing at all
Dulling your anguish, building yourself up
Just so you can fall.

Open up the void that you find inside,
Dealing with yourself you cannot hide

Damaged your sake
No give, just take
Anguish fills your soul
Suffering to no goal

Isn't it funny how much time can change?
Not knowing when or where to place the blame.
Open up the void that you find inside,
Dealing with yourself, you cannot hide

Open up the void found inside
Track Name: Serpent
A serpent, shedding a skin,
Worse than the venom you secrete. (secrete)
A coward, hiding in your hole,
Filled with lies, and deceit. (deceit)
A gimmick, a false identity
Your time will come, which face will you show?
Hollow, with no self worth
A lonely road, lost without a soul.

You get what you put in so stop expecting pity,
Burning all your bridges, you're alone in this city.
Your disposition is a fucking sin,
And the world doesn't owe you a fucking thing!

The world doesn't owe you a god damn thing.
Track Name: Burdened From Birth ft. Evan (Badlands)
Tossing and turning, I can't sleep a wink.
I can barely bring, So how the hell am I supposed to think?

Scratching and clawing,
Don't want to be another disgrace.
Beaten and bruised,
Just trying to save face.

Maladjusted, collapsing under anxiety,
Losing hope in all of society.

Scratching and clawing,
Don't want to be another mistake,
Beaten and bruised,
Just trying to save face.

Your lies built up
You broke my Trust
Don't fuck with me
I'll turn your bones to dust
Buildings crumble
Relationships end
I'm fucking fed up
You're not my friend!